California split into six separate states

For those thinking the counties encompassing the bankrupt cities of Stockton and Bakersfield would spiral economically out of control, our data proves the exact opposite. Based on Internal Revenue Source data contained within How Money Walks, the counties that would make up the proposed state of Central California actually experienced a net gain in adjusted gross income (AGI) and population: $1.36 billion and 49,021 taxpayers. In fact, only two of the six proposed new states experienced net losses of AGI and population: West California (-$34.54 billion and -909,029 taxpayers) and Silicon Valley (-$26.89 billion and -300,878). It should come as no surprise, then, that the proposed state with the greatest net loss of AGI and population would be the new home of Los Angeles County. What is surprising is the net-loss figures of the proposed state of Silicon Valley, even though economists project it to be the wealthiest state in the union if this initiative comes to pass.

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