Critics fo California split see dystopian visions

Of the six states, Jefferson has the highest poverty rate (20.8 percent), yet it is the state that, as mentioned, already has a full-blown secessionist movement. If HuffPo were correct, then this most-impoverished region would be most opposed to Draper’s idea – yet its residents have been itching to leave for decades.

One also might sense secessionist fervor in the poor but agriculturally lush San Joaquin Valley, which would be the heart and soul of Central California. Farmers in those parts are tired of having their water controlled by voters in places such as LA and San Jose rather than, say, Fresno. For a sense of the anger, check out the ubiquitous protest signs that line the 5 freeway along the arid, western edge of the valley, where farmers complain of state and federal efforts to take away “their” water.

Again, this is one of the most economically troubled regions in the state and a region most eager to go its own way.

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