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What happens to state and UC pensions?

Will current retirees continue to receive their retirement incomes or will elderly former state and UC workers, now retired, be cut loose to fend for themselves?

Six Californias Responds: Alice, thanks for bringing up this important question. After the Six Californias proposition passes there will be a 24-member Board of Commissioners created to "adjust the property and financial affairs between the State of California and the newly created states." If these commissioners are unable to find an amenable solution together then these liabilities would be divided up based on each new state's population (More details can be found here). 

How would you like to see the state pensions and the UC system set up within Six Californias?

What would the separation of the state do to Tribal Gaming?

As far as Tribal Gaming goes, would each state have to vote once again on Tribal Gaming? Would Casinos who support the local economy and work force be shut down and be out of work until the new measure was voted on? I think that would make me vote against it.

Six Californias responds: Indian tribes operating casinos in California have formed relationships over time with their local governments, and these relationship would continue when Six Californias are created. The money generated by tribal gaming is important to many economies that would work hard to ensure that partnership continues.

What do you think?

Same-Sex Marriage

If Six Californias pass, what will happen to California's ruling on same-sex marriage. Will it now be legal in all 6 states or will they have to legalize it again?

Six Californias Responds: More than two years ago, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling that found Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Same-sex couples in California have been able to freely marry following that ruling, and a growing number of states across the country have established the legal right for same-sex couples to marry. All Six Californias will remain under the jurisdiction of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and would be free to pass any legislation lawful under the U.S. Constitution.

The federal implications

I'd like to see a serious discussion of the federal implications of taking one state and splitting into six, specifically the likelihood of even one other state Senator siding with this movement. I know Mr. Draper is absolutely convinced that it will be approved by a landslide of states but I'm skeptical. And, it seems to me that if California does in fact succeed in gaining approval at the federal level, practically every other state is going to try to do the very same thing, especially the states with few residents. I have no doubt a majority of Californians will resoundingly approve it, on the state level. But I don't foresee any other state approving it.

Six Californias Responds: Thank you for writing in, Freddy. There will be various political implications of Six Californias. In general, Californians will be better represented at the Federal level. When the US government allows it to happen is worthy of discussion. But eventually it will happen, just as Alaska wasn’t admitted to the nation until Hawaii came too.
What do you think?

College in state and out of state tuition?

I wonder how having 6 states that were once one state, would effect costs of tuition?

Six Californias Respond: Thank you for writing in, Elizabeth. California has two great University systems, and Californians get subsidized education as a result. After Six Californias passes it will be possible to keep the system in place through a state compact. But with six new states, they may also be able to come up with an even better system for higher education.
Readers, what do you think?

What about The Three Californias?

I really like the idea, but 6 may be too big too soon. The Three Californias reaches the same goals but in a more palatable form that would get the population on board more thoroughly. North California, Central California, and South California. By doing this, and including resources that include the coasts and mountain ranges in all three states, the chances of approval are greatly increased. South and Central California would benefit from investing in Water Collection, Solar Power, and Desalinization Plants. All three states would be strong enough in ther own resources, then, that the chances of disapproval would drop. The 6 States plan divides natural resources "Too Much" to get the vote. By giving all "3 States" resources from the ocean to the mountains- your chances of approval increase exponentially.

Six Californias Responds: Thank you for writing in, Elizabeth. It may be helpful to look at the California government in a business context. Currently, California only has one government supplier tasked with making decisions for 38 million people. That's 12% of the entire United States population. Because of this, the California government is like a monopoly. We have no choice. Three Californias would still be too big to manage, but with Six Californias, we are creating an environment where governments can start fresh and can compete for constituents. This results in government that better meets our interests and needs.
What do you think?

Name our state

This all sounds like a decent idea on paper. However living in Los Angeles I do not want to tell people that I live in "West California" if we can vote to split our state up we should be able to vote on the name as well. 


Six Californias Responds: Thank you for writing in, Chance. This is definitely a big topic of conversation. The proposal will need to be passed as is, including the state names, but just as contiguous counties can vote for reassignment to a new state, states can also vote for their state to have a new name.
What would you like your state's name to be?

Are you on board with Six Californias?

The Six Californias Initiative has been a topic of debate since it was officially announced by proponent Tim Draper in December 2013. The initiative proposes to divide the current state of California into six smaller states: Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California, and South California. More details can be found here.

Since the filing of the Title & Summary, around 1.3 million signatures have been collected to put the initiative on the ballot for the November 2016 election. 

Are you one of those 1.3 million people who already support Six Californias, or are you still on the fence?

What law would you like to see your state create? Or eliminate?

Almost everyone believes that there is either a law that should be repealed or one that ought to be created. With the passage of Six Californias, people living in the new states will have an opportunity to reshape the laws of the land.

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