How were populations and land areas considered for state boundaries?

Populations of the 6 proposed states have been published, but land sizes have not.  Jefferson would be the smallest population-wise (<25% of next smallest state), but would have the second largest piece of land (see this table for comparisons).  Were boundary lines generated based on culture and common reference (Jefferson wants to be libertarian, Central CA is already referred to as Central Valley, etc)?  If so, is free market expected to fill the gap between resource needs? (ie Jefferson has a lot of fresh water to sell to LA, who has a lot of money to pay for it to send Jeffersonian kids to school)?  I ask because the population density variations seem to go against the goal of giving each current Californian a stronger voting voice (which would lead to all six Californias being of equal population). 

Six Californias responds: Thanks for your question Jason. The table you created is very informative; thank you for sharing it. The six states emerged as natural regions during the extensive research process before writing the initiative. It's true that the new states will neither be the same size nor have the same population, but that's also true for the 50 states that already exist. The populations of the new states will fluctuate, but the lines were drawn based on various statistics including population, demographics, value systems, prominent industries, income levels, water issues, geography, and other considerations.

The state lines respect the existing county lines in order to maintain our existing local governments without disruption, and any other approach to dividing the state would create additional complications. This arrangement will also allow counties to join an adjacent state if the residents of the county would rather associate with a different state. For more details, you can find the Cal Facts 2013 report from the Legislative Analyst’s Office report here

Do you identify with the state your county will be located in? Which of the six new states would you like to call home?

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