Initiative Status of Six Californias


As you may have heard, the Six Californias Initiative did not qualify for the November 2016 ballot. But that does not mean that the issues that California faces have disappeared. We heard from many Californians all over the state who had really good questions about the initiative and ideas of their own to improve the state. 

We've been listening and are excited to invite you to continue the conversation about the best ways to fundamentally transform California. With the goal of continued education and encouragement for public participation in government, Tim Draper founded a new nonprofit organization called Innovate Your State, and they are launching their first project, the Fix California Challenge.

The Fix California Challenge is a contest to find ideas for improving California. Tim wants your best ideas for improving the state. Submit your idea at

Thanks for staying involved with us. Together we can do great things to improve California.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.

6 Californias is simply logical

Keep 6 Californias alive so that the will of the people is actually represented. LA County and the SF Bay Area should not determine the politics of Orange County, or Shasta. That is absolutely illogical based on the demographic and political leanings of each area. 6 Californias just makes sense!

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It's the best chance for reform we've had in a long time.

We know a lot more about election theory and other things than we did in the 1850s. It would be good to get a chance to implement some of these new ideas (such as ranked preference voting) in areas open to them (such as the Silicon Valley). Other areas might want to stick with more traditional voting (for example). But each area would be much more in control of its own future.

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