Will any of the six new states legalize marijuana?

Do you think it is possible we could help California's problem with education, business, job growth, and even a moral boost in California. If we legalize marijuana, I mean just look at what happened in Colorado. I say we expand all options before we devide California. After all United we stand!

Six Californias responds: Thanks Marcus, even though marijuana remains banned under federal law, Colorado and Washington have voted to make marijuana legal for adults. While the federal government has not interfered in allowing these states to legally allow marijuana sales, that could change in the future. Any of the six states created by Six Californias could follow the example set by Colorado and Washington, assuming the federal government doesn't change its position.

In 2010, California voted on Proposition 19, a proposal to decriminalize marijuana. Although only 46.5% of people voted for decriminalization, the measure was quite popular in some parts of the state

When we have Six Californias, do you think your state will legalize marijuana?

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