Mike Dunbar: Don't be too hasty to dismiss idea of splitting up our Golden State

Let’s not laugh off this “Six Californias” nonsense too quickly.

Sure, everyone living in Los Angeles will hate the idea of splitting California into six very unequal parts; they’d be cut off from virtually any water that isn’t salty, so they’d have to get serious about desalination. People in Sacramento might hate it, too, because they’re too important for such a small sliver of the state. Who knows how San Francisco and San Diego will react; but they already live in a detached state of mind, so they probably won’t even care.

But here in Central California – the arbitrarily assigned name from venture capitalist Tim Draper, who has paid to put his six-state scheme on the ballot in 2016 – the idea might grow some roots.


Well, in a nutshell (choose almond or walnut), what have we got to lose?


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