Dan Walters: Six-state measure would have given regional governments a boost.

The measure’s fate is now very uncertain. Draper has hinted he may go to court to force a full count of the signatures, or possibly start over with a new proposal for 2016. The breakup of California got all of the attention as the signatures were being gathered and counted, with the consensus among pundits, including this one, that even if voters passed Draper’s measure there was virtually no chance that Congress would agree to the split. Had it qualified and passed, however, one section of the measure would have gone into effect regardless of what Congress did – empowering counties to pa... read more

What to Think, Ep. 21: Tim Draper, six Californias, and the future of VC

This week, VentureBeat’s Dylan Tweney and Richard Byrne Reilly talked to Tim Draper about the future of California, the state of the startup economy, how he picks entrepreneurs, and why he’s so bullish on Bitcoin. See the whole story at VentureBeat read more

Editorial: Six Californias campaign was chance to look at disparity in state

"It’s his money, of course, but we can’t help but feel bad if the 'Six Californias' proposal dies before it get a vigorous public airing. Although this is a classic example of how the state’s initiative process is flawed, we were looking forward to the campaign because it would have provided the perfect platform for a little healthy introspection." See the whole story at the Sacramento Bee. read more

Six Californias Statement on Signature Verification Process

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESeptember 12, 2014 SACRAMENTO, CA – The Six Californias campaign released the following statement following the California Secretary of State’s decision not to conduct a full check of the signatures collected to place the measure on the November 2016 ballot. “Six Californias collected more than enough signatures to place the initiative on the November 2016 ballot and we are confident that a full check of the signatures would confirm that fact,” said Six Californias proponent Timothy C. Draper. “Six Californias will conduct a review of the signatures determined to be i... read more

Six Californias Statement on Tesla Building Battery Plant in Nevada Instead of California

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Six Californias campaign released the following statement following the news that Tesla had decided to locate its new battery plant in Nevada instead of California. “Today California has lost another opportunity to create more jobs, and improve our economic environment,” said Six Californias proponent Tim Draper said. “Losing Tesla to Nevada is just another reminder that our state needs change. California has high unemployment and the percentage of people living below the poverty line is steadily increasing. Our state needs a massive investment in infrastructure and a ... read more

Six Californias? GOP probably wouldn't be helped by bust-up, study finds

A new study, however, suggests that sundering California would be no GOP panacea, either at home or nationally. In fact, looking at voter registration and past voting patterns, the research suggests that under the multi-California scenario Democrats would continue to hold the bulk of state offices and Republicans would reap a negligible gain in the Electoral College. See the whole story at The Los Angeles Times read more

Should California be divided into six states?

July 29, 2014 – Ron Paul speaks with Tim Draper about him gathering enough signatures to put a measure on the ballot in California to split the state six ways. See the whole story at Voices of Liberty read more

Break up the states! The case for the United Statelets of America

If we assume that microstates like Wyoming are not going to give up their two U.S. senators, then macrostates like California, Texas, Florida and New York should voluntarily divide themselves, in order to boost their representation in America’s upper house.  Under the Six Californias plan, for example, residents of present-day California would send 12 senators to Washington, not two. And because they are smaller, the successor states to the Former California would be more citizen-friendly.  A citizen of Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota or Alaska — the four least populous states — has a much ... read more

Should California be broken into six states?

“Six Californias” is the brain child of Silicon Valley entrepreneur Timothy Draper, who’s a billionaire after making smart investments in companies like Skype, Hotmail and Baidu. He joins Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson to make the case for why California should be split into six different states. See the whole story at Here & Now. read more

Mike Dunbar: Don't be too hasty to dismiss idea of splitting up our Golden State

Let’s not laugh off this “Six Californias” nonsense too quickly. Sure, everyone living in Los Angeles will hate the idea of splitting California into six very unequal parts; they’d be cut off from virtually any water that isn’t salty, so they’d have to get serious about desalination. People in Sacramento might hate it, too, because they’re too important for such a small sliver of the state. Who knows how San Francisco and San Diego will react; but they already live in a detached state of mind, so they probably won’t even care. But here in Central California – the arbitrarily assigned name... read more