How to dress in the new California states

Venture capitalist Tim Draper has officially gathered enough signatures, 1.3 million of them, to put his proposal to divide up California into six separate states on the 2016 ballot. The plan, it just so happens, would make Draper’s home state—the Republic of Silicon Valley—the richest in the country. While it seems unlikely that the measure would pass, this is California we’re talking about. Anything’s possible. Which raises a very pressing sartorial question: What would one wear in the six new democracies? Here, we recommend six looks for civic participation in each micro-state.  See the... read more

Stephen Colbert on Six Californias

On July 23, Stephen Colbert introduced his audience to the Six Californias campaign before joining Tim Draper for a conversation about the November 2016 ballot measure. read more

The Big Electoral Consequences of Splitting California Six Ways

If California were to split into six states, it would create huge opportunities — and risks — for both parties in presidential elections. It would also empower Democrats in the Senate. Most of all, it would significantly increase the electoral clout of Hispanic voters, who are currently marginalized by America’s electoral system. See the whole story on the New York Times blog The Upshot read more

Why venture capitalist Tim Draper wants to divide California into six states (interview)

VB: It’s always interesting to see which cause to get behind. Silicon Valley’s sometimes tried to save the world. Here it almost seems like Silicon Valley should also take care of itself. Draper: That could happen. Silicon Valley would be its own state. It could do the things that make sense for it. Each of these state-regions, each of these six states, would have its own personality. They would have their own ways to govern themselves. California doesn’t even recognize digital signatures for initiatives. We have to get a million handwritten signatures in order to get an initiative on the ... read more

Tim Draper: The case for six Californias

On Tuesday, May 6, 2014, Tim Draper spoke about Six Californias at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. read more

Critics fo California split see dystopian visions

Of the six states, Jefferson has the highest poverty rate (20.8 percent), yet it is the state that, as mentioned, already has a full-blown secessionist movement. If HuffPo were correct, then this most-impoverished region would be most opposed to Draper’s idea – yet its residents have been itching to leave for decades. One also might sense secessionist fervor in the poor but agriculturally lush San Joaquin Valley, which would be the heart and soul of Central California. Farmers in those parts are tired of having their water controlled by voters in places such as LA and San Jose rather than,... read more

Six-states measure would make immediate changes even without congressional sign-off

“We won’t have to wait for the federal government to anoint six states. It can get started right away. These counties will be able to self-organize into these regions, states-to-be,” said Draper, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. The measure’s Section Four would change theCalifornia Constitution to give charter counties more autonomy from state law on matters such as taxes and development. Counties could group together into regional governments, and proponents say the language would allow the new regional governments to ignore future state laws if there isn’t the money to pay for them. ... read more

Tim Draper on breaking up California

Tim Draper of Draper spoke to Fox Business about his push for California to split into 6 states. See the video at Fox Business read more

Six Californias: The same but different

SACRAMENTO — If venture capitalist Tim Draper’s plan to split California into six pieces comes to pass, the new state of South California — encompassing San Diego, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial counties — would instantly become one of the nation’s economic, geographic and cultural powerhouses. ... In other words, the new state of South California would be exactly like existing Southern California. It would be the same, only different in one significant way. That difference would be politics. Unburdened by the dominant Los Angeles and San Francisco political machines, Sout... read more

California: Is it fatal, or just time for radical surgery?

California is a disaster of epic proportions. Taxes and unemployment are among the highest in the nation. Income disparity between rich and poor is also among the highest in the nation. The state is experiencing immigration outflow, with a brain and capital drain benefitting states like Texas and Arizona. Does this spell the end for California, or the opportunity for a new beginning? Is the disease terminal, or do we just need radical surgery? One Silicon Valley entrepreneur says surgery is the answer.  See the full story at Breitbart read more