The federal implications

I'd like to see a serious discussion of the federal implications of taking one state and splitting into six, specifically the likelihood of even one other state Senator siding with this movement. I know Mr. Draper is absolutely convinced that it will be approved by a landslide of states but I'm skeptical. And, it seems to me that if California does in fact succeed in gaining approval at the federal level, practically every other state is going to try to do the very same thing, especially the states with few residents. I have no doubt a majority of Californians will resoundingly approve it, on the state level. But I don't foresee any other state approving it.

Six Californias Responds: Thank you for writing in, Freddy. There will be various political implications of Six Californias. In general, Californians will be better represented at the Federal level. When the US government allows it to happen is worthy of discussion. But eventually it will happen, just as Alaska wasn’t admitted to the nation until Hawaii came too.
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