What about The Three Californias?

I really like the idea, but 6 may be too big too soon. The Three Californias reaches the same goals but in a more palatable form that would get the population on board more thoroughly. North California, Central California, and South California. By doing this, and including resources that include the coasts and mountain ranges in all three states, the chances of approval are greatly increased. South and Central California would benefit from investing in Water Collection, Solar Power, and Desalinization Plants. All three states would be strong enough in ther own resources, then, that the chances of disapproval would drop. The 6 States plan divides natural resources "Too Much" to get the vote. By giving all "3 States" resources from the ocean to the mountains- your chances of approval increase exponentially.

Six Californias Responds: Thank you for writing in, Elizabeth. It may be helpful to look at the California government in a business context. Currently, California only has one government supplier tasked with making decisions for 38 million people. That's 12% of the entire United States population. Because of this, the California government is like a monopoly. We have no choice. Three Californias would still be too big to manage, but with Six Californias, we are creating an environment where governments can start fresh and can compete for constituents. This results in government that better meets our interests and needs.
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