Why venture capitalist Tim Draper wants to divide California into six states (interview)

VB: It’s always interesting to see which cause to get behind. Silicon Valley’s sometimes tried to save the world. Here it almost seems like Silicon Valley should also take care of itself.

Draper: That could happen. Silicon Valley would be its own state. It could do the things that make sense for it. Each of these state-regions, each of these six states, would have its own personality. They would have their own ways to govern themselves. California doesn’t even recognize digital signatures for initiatives. We have to get a million handwritten signatures in order to get an initiative on the ballot. That, to me, sounds like it’s a very narrow group of people who can put an initiative together.

The central valley has been getting water dripped out there, one form at a time. They go out and beg California for water and get a little more, but they’re feeding the entire world from central California. We need to give that more respect. In the current regime, central California is the poorest state in the union. If they could govern themselves, I could see them encouraging manufacturing jobs into central California. Central California could be a wealthy state – not suddenly, but over 10 or 20 or 30 years.

See the full story at Venture Beat.

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