Would California Universities Have To Change Their Names?

This is trivial to say the least, but would some universities in the new 6 states of California need to change their names?  UCLA to UWCLA? USC to UWC (even though they're a private university, they might want to avoid confusion)? UC Davis to UCC Davis? Lives aren't exactly hanging in the balance, but, as a college football fan, that would be a little weird... 

Six Californias Responds: Thanks for your question Troy. There is no reason that any universities would be obligated to change their names, and it is possible that the new states would elect to keep the UC system together to serve the six new states. At the same time, colleges could choose to change their names to represent their identities in these new states. 

What do you think? Should any colleges and universities adopt new names when Six Californias goes through?

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  • Jon Carnero
    followed this page 2016-01-20 11:51:38 -0800

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